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" Limbs become many times heavier for those with artificially strengthened bodies. Our muscles are many times stronger, but our bones are also that much heavier"


"When I'm promoted, make yourself into the class president, Han. When you become president, you'll be able to obtain bonus points to make up for your lacking psychic powers. It would somewhat lift your worries of getting kicked out of here." Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Han had heard of this frequently during lectures. Airbeat, this equipment was necessary during aerial warfare. They are drones which people could comfortably use as an aerial platform. Other than a platform, the airbeats made for actual war are equipped with guns and are useful for supporting the team.


However, following the Second Wave of Aggression, countries around the world continued to scheme while calculating these psykers into their war plans.


"It will be fine to ignore it if we don't encounter it. If we confirm that there are no more survivors, we will leave and bomb the building."


Kuro seriously used his psychic powers this time. The light spilling out from his eyes was blinding. The rocks around the area all floated up in the air.

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The youths ran to separate Inspector Rue and the man. They took away the man's gun and tied down his hands and feet. Inspector Rue pressed his side and sat down on the ground.


It was a crying howl of a werewolf, the youths' faces turned rigid. They had no more strength to continue fighting. They thought this was the end of the fight, but the next stage of the battle seemed to have begun once again, causing the youths to feel more hopeless.


The plane engine booted. Unpleasant memories flashed in Han's mind upon seeing the plane. He remembered all the second years who had died from the plane explosion.


The youths whispered amongst themselves. Han spent his time reading through his e-books.


"His ability to aim is extremely poor. He has trouble aiming and it takes quite a bit of time for him to begin shooting. It's using human weapons, but it's not fully accustomed to it yet. It doesn't have the ability to set up grenade booby traps neither. If it had such ability, we would have all died the moment we blindly opened the door. Unless it gets a lucky shot, it will have a difficult time to headshot us."


Cold sweat fell from Kijo's forehead. The steel rubbish bin next to him was instantly crushed. The rubbish bin was crumpled into the size of a tiny fist through telekinesis.


Jose's worries were groundless. Han mourned for the two missing squad members, but he didn't let that completely occupy his mind. He was already experienced in dealing with such situations from his time in Korea.



Dmitri gritted his teeth. As soon as he got a grip of himself once again, he sprinted forward. He disregarded the spear Han had hit him with and continued to run forward.



"There will definitely be Elu warriors guarding the Elu mage. If you wish for more information, you can read a more detailed report through your data bracelets."


Han looked to Canute who was standing on the opposite side. Canute was tall, and his arms and legs were long. Amongst the squad, he was the fastest.


Han moved through the forest of overgrown weeds. People have not traversed through this place at all, and just walking forward was straining.

  • "We will end this by thoroughly beating them."
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